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Pedagogical methods using ICTs in classrooms

Pedagogical approach

The goal of this WP will be the training of Moroccan mathematics professors in the pedagogical side of the use of ICTs in teaching. This type of content is not necessarily related with mathematics, but it fits in with the objectives of the project. Even more, it is completely necessary to achieve the final objective of the project: a good knowledge of ICTs software and hardware is completely inefficient (for education purposes) without the ability to apply it in daily classes.

The training will be split into two periods:

In the first period we will start the formation with same group of 31 professors who have already assisted in the first training "Hardware and software courses". It will take place at École Centrale de Nantes, during 3-day.

The second period will consist exactly of the same courses and the same training, but the training will take place in Morocco as described in the presentation of the training "Hardware and software courses".

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