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Kick off Meeting

On March 8 and 9, the virtual MathICs kickoff meeting took place with more than 30 participants connected via the videoconferencing platform provided by UAL's Digital Content Center.

This meeting, scheduled to take place in Almería, was finally held virtually due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19. This initial meeting allowed the partners to get to know each other and to present and discuss the essential aspects of the project.

During the kick-off meeting

The Kick-off Meeting started with interventions of the Vice-Chancellor of the UAL, Julián Cuevas, the official of the European Commission associated with the project, Carla Giulietti, invited to the meeting, and the national coordinator of Erasmus+ in Morocco, Latifa Daadaoui, the meeting began. The coordinator of the project, Professor Luis Oyonarte Alcalá, presented the general structure and work packages of the project. All the representatives from Morocco and Europe then had the opportunity to make a brief presentation of the organization they represent. The program was punctuated by technical presentations and workshops in which the different work packages were explained and the first decisions of the project were taken. The second day was devoted to dealing with economic and financial management aspects, as well as the consortium's operating and internal communication agreements, through workshops conducted by the International Relations Service technicians of (UAL) Ana Fe Rodríguez Fuldauer and Mª Fernanda Rodríguez Heras. Special attention was also devoted to quality assurance and control in the workshop given by the Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon. In the afternoon, the first meetings of the committees and management bodies of the consortium of universities took place, which, after being constituted, held working sessions to make decisions and establish the most immediate milestones of the project.

Agenda of the Kick-off Meeting

DAY 1: Monday, 8th of March
10:00h- 10:15h Welcome Note and Opening Remarks
  • Distinguished Rector of the University of Almería. Prof. Carmelo Rodríguez Torreblanca.
  • Vice-Rector of Internationalization of the University of Almería. Prof. Julián Cuevas González.
10:15h- 11:00h Overview of MathICs Project
  • Prof. Luis Oyonarte Alcalá. Project Coordinator. University of Almería.
11:00h- 11:15h Executive Agency (EACEA) communication
  • Carla Giulietti. EACEA Project Officer.
11:15h- 11:30h Morocco’s National Erasmus+ Office communication
  • Latifa Daadaoui. Coordinator of the National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) Morocco.
11:30h– 12:00h Highlights from Partner Institutions

Brief outline of main facts and data and introduction of staff involved from each institution (approx. 2-3 minutes).

  • 1. Universidad de Almería.
  • 2. École Centrale de Nantes.
  • 3. Instituto Superior Tecnico (Universidade de Lisboa).
  • 4. Synapstic S.L., Almería.
  • 5. Université Mohammed 5 de Rabat.
  • 6. Université Cadi Ayyad de Marrakech.
  • 7. Université Ibn Tofail de Kenitra.
  • 8. Université Sultan Moulay Slimane, Beni Mellal.
  • 9. École Nationale Superieure des Mines de Rabat.
  • 10. Académie Internationale Mohammed VI de l'Aviation Civile
12:00h- 12:15h Presentation of platform for Project communication and teamworking: Trello
  • Ms. Ana Fe Rodríguez Fuldauer. International Relations Office. UAL.
12:15h-12:30h Nomination of project committees
  • Chairman Prof. Luis Oyonarte Alcalá. UAL.
Introduction of each WP leader of the work packages on: the approach, the partners, the tasks to be developed, deliverables, expected timeline and immediate actions. Discussion
15:00h-15:30h Workshop on WPP & WP1. Chairman Prof. Luis Oyonarte Alcalá.
  • WPP: In depth analysis of the existing capacity and resources at the HEIs. Leader: UAL (Spain)
  • WP1: Set up infrastructures. Leader: UAL (Spain)
15:30h-16:30h Workshop on WPDE: Chairman Prof. Driss Bennis. UM5
  • WPDE Dissemination and Exploitation
16:30h-17:30h Workshop on WP2-5: Chairman Prof. Luis Oyonarte Alcalá. UAL
  • WP2 Training of Trainers and training of technicians: hardware and software use. Leader: UAL (Spain)
  • WP3 Training of trainers: creation of Moocs and e-learning content. Leader: ULisboa-IST (Portugal)
  • WP4 Training of Trainers: pedagogical methods using ICTs in classroom. Leader: ECN (France).
  • WP5: Didactical adjustment of mathematic courses: use of ICTs in official daily classes. Leader: UM5R (Morocco)
DAY 2: Tuesday, 9th of March
10:00h-10:45h WPM – Project Management: Monitoring and Implementation
  • Mª Fernanda Rodríguez Heras. International Relations Officer. UAL
10:45h-11:30h WPM – Project Financial Management
  • Mª Fernanda Rodríguez Heras. International Relations Officer. UAL
11:30h-12:30h Workshop or Presentation of WPQ. Chairman Ana Pipio. International Relations Officer. ULisboa-IST
  • WPQ – Monitoring and Quality Assurance. Leader: ULisboa-IST
12:30h-12:45h Workplan of the Year 1 of the Project (tasks, responsibilities, deadlines)
12:45h-13:00h Closure and Acknowledgments
15:00h-16:30h Project Management Board Work Session
16:30h-17:00h Steering Committee Work Session
17:00h- 17:30h Dissemination and Exploitation Committee Work Session

MathICs committees proposal

1. Project Maganement board:

  • UAL: Luis Oyonarte Alcalá and María Fernanda Rodríguez Heras
  • ECN: Fouad Bennis and Caroline Kerello
  • ULisboa-IST: Ana Pipio and Ana Moura Santos
  • Synapstic: Francisco José Muñoz Berenguel
  • UM5: Driss Bennis and Soumia El Hani
  • UCA: M’hammed El Kahoui and Brahim Elafqih
  • UIT: Karima Selmaoui and Brahim Fahid
  • USMS: Said Meliani and Hanaa Hachimi
  • ENSMR: Khalid Najib and Ibtissam Medarhri
  • ONDA-AIAC: Abdellah Menou and Aicha Elrhali

2. Steering Committee: Luis Oyonarte (UAL), Fouad Bennis (ECN), Ana Pipio (Ulisboa-IST), Driss Bennis (UM5), M’hammed El Kahoui (UCA) and Khalid Najib (ENSMR).

3. Quality Committee: María Fernanda Rodríguez Heras (UAL), Caroline Kerello (ECN), Ana Pipio (ULisboa-IST), Karima Selmaoui (UIT), Youmna El Hissi (USMS) and Aicha Elrhali (ONDA-AIAC).

4. Dissemination Committee: José Carmona Tapia (UAL), Caroline Kerello (ECN), Ana Pipio (ULisboa-IST), Driss Bennis (UM5), M’hammed El Kahoui (UCA), Brahim Fahid (UIT), To decide (USMS), Ibtissam Medarhri (ENSMR) and Aicha Elrhali (ONDA-AIAC).

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