Application and adaptation of WP2-4 trainings to Mathematics existing lessons

Applications of daily classes

The objective of this WP is the application of WP2, WP3 and WP4 trainings to various mathematics lessons existing at each Partner Country institution.

Once the training of WP2-4 is finished, the group of Moroccan professors being trained will contact the staff responsible for the formation of this WP. Professors will choose a number of specific lessons (from the courses they will be teaching at this moment in their official courses) which will be communicated to the trainer. Professors will work on the implementation of ICTs techniques to produce e-learning content on the subjects chosen, by using, when necessary, the equipment installed at their respective institutions from the project funds.

The training of this WP will be carried out through work sessions. On the date scheduled for the start of the training of this WP, professors shall present to the trainer the material prepared and the problems encountered. They will all work on the solutions of those problems and to improve the results obtained, either through the use of different techniques, through the use of other technical material, or in the manner that the trainer deems optimal for the preparation of this e-learning content.

To see some examples of MathICs trainee productions, please visit the MathICs Applications website.

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