Thematic areas

The GreenSys 2025   topics are intended to cover modelling of crops and horticultural farms in greenhouses and orchards: 

• Topic 1: Greenhouse Environment and Climate Control.

- Climate control technologies.

- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in controlled environment horticulture.

- Energy in controlled environment agriculture systems.

- Modelling greenhouse environment.

- Semi-protected cultivation systems (high tunnels, nettings and screen houses).

• Topic 2: Mechanization, Digitization, Sensing and Robotics.

- Automation in integrated indoor production systems.

- Digital twins.

- Labor in greenhouses.

- Precision horticulture and engineering.

- Robotics in greenhouses.

• Topic 3: Crop production in controlled environment horticulture.

- Crop management.

- Fruit quality in greenhouse horticulture.

- Modelling plant growth.

- Organic greenhouse horticulture.

- Plant protection.

• Topic 4: Fertigation, water and growing medium.

- Aquaponics production.

- Fertigation management.

- Greenhouse crops nutrition.

- Sensing plant water status and stress response.

- Soilless culture and growing media.

• Topic 5: Light in Horticulture.

- Covering materials.

- Lighting technology.

- Plant factory with artificial lighting (PFAL).

- Urban Horticulture.

- Vertical Farming.

• Topic 6: Sustainable greenhouse production.

- Circular bioeconomy in controlled environments.

- Environmental impacts of controlled environment horticulture.

- Life cycle assessment (LCA) in greenhouse production.

- Sustainable greenhouse systems and environmentally friendly technologies.

- Vulnerability and resilience of protected horticulture against Climate Change.

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