Dear Speakers, Students and Attendees, 

2017-05-30: Photos of the Symposium by Chris Rudge. 

2017-04-18: There will be some students waiting for participants at the Hall of Hotel Nuevo Torreluz to pick you up to the bus stop and accompany you to the University. Time: 18:15-18:40. 

2017-04-18: Free Wifi for our Participants during our Symposium (18-21 April), please, in order to know the password and info, contact Eduardo Sánchez Morales: The password and network is also written on the envelop with your 3 tickets for lunch. 

2017-04-11: Farewell Dinner at Restaurante Peña Flamenca El Taranto (with Live Flamenco Show) on Friday 21 April at 20:00. The Restaurante Peña Flamenca El Taranto is very popular in Almería. Possibly, the most popular and renown Restaurant in Almería. It is located at the main city centre. Just 180 meters from Hotel Nuevo Torreluz, one minute walk. Step out of the Hotel Nuevo Torreluz and turn right, you will be at Restaurante Peña Flamenca El Taranto. Please, follow the link below: MapofFarwellDinnerRestaurantePeñaelTaranto

2017-04-04: For those who will be, either coming to Almería or leaving Almería, by train from Madrid or any other Spanish town, please, notice you can book online your train ticket at the following website of RENFE, the first extensive rail network in Spain.

2017-04-04: For those who prefer to travel by bus with “” at the same station (Estación Intermodal), you can also buy your bus ticket from Almería to Madrid, Valencia,Barcelona,Málaga and many other Spanish cities. 

2017-04-04: An online visit to Almería Railway Station (Estación Intermodal)

2017-03-08: Please, take a look at the Universidad de Almería Campus Map, where you will find your way to the different activities and events celebrated during the Symposium.

2017-03-08: Please, check new Bus Line 18 Map for those staying at the Hotels in the City Centre (Nuevo Torreluz Hotel, etc.).

2017-03-09: Please, check Bus Line 11 (Línea 11) and Bus Line 12 (Línea 12) for those staying at Hotel Elba or Hotel Tryp Indalo.

2017-03-14: Launching the Sixth International Aldous Huxley Symposium: the Fabulous Group of Students of the University of Almería supporting the Organizing Committee and Hosting the International Symposium Participants and Speakers:

2017-03-16: Having lunch at the fabulous Refectory of the University of Almería: Dana Sawyer, Stephanie Sawyer, Joaquín-José Cuéllar Trasorras, May López, Jesús Isaías Gómez López (right to left).

2017-03-16: Left to Right (Refectory Hall): Joaquín-José Cuéllar Trasorras, Dana Sawyer and Antonio Morales (Arturo Medina’s nephew). Arturo Medina was a former Spanish professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, who was in touch with Huxley about his visit to Almería in October 1929. Antonio Morales is Arturo Medina’s heir, and he keeps the original letter sent by Huxley to his uncle in 1954. 

2017-03-22: Please, check section SPEAKERS, you will be able to know more about the Speakers and read their Abstracts.

2017-03-23: Launching the Sixth International Aldous Huxley Symposium: with the Head of the Department of Philology, Don Javier Aguirre Sadaba.

2017-03-23: Launching the Sixth International Aldous Huxley Symposium: in the Oval Office of the Faculty of Humanities, with the Dean, Don Javier García González.

2017-03-27: Launching the Sixth International Aldous Huxley Symposium: in the Oval Office of the Vice-Chancellor’s Building of Investigation and Academic Innovation, with the Vice-Chancellor, Don Antonio Miguel Posadas Chinchilla.


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