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Nuevo artículo sobre European Open Science Cloud

Vía Fecyt recibimos la siguiente información, con el enlace a un artículo escrito por Paolo Budroni, Jean-Claude Burgelman y Michel Schouppe sobre el EOSC.


Paolo Budroni, Jean-Claude Burgelman, Michel Schouppe

Architectures of Knowledge: The European Open Science Cloud


In November 2018, the European Commission launched the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in Vienna. The EOSC envisions establishing a European data infrastructure, integrating high-capacity cloud solutions, eventually widening the scope of these services to include the public sector and the industry. Understanding the EOSC structure is a first step in recognizing the opportunities offered by the newly launched EOSC. This article offers some reflections for a better understanding of the realization of the EOSC at the present stage, including currently ongoing developments.