Youth, art and city: research and political intervention in social psychology

Andrea Vieira Zanella


In this work, I present discussions about four themes which I consider to be important to understand the contemporary as some possibilities for research and interventions in social psychology: 1) the city and its relationships whith subjectivity and singularity processes; 2) the city as support for aesthetic inscriptions; 3) the tensions between the ways of subjectivity and resistances engendered in this contexture; 4) aesthetic workshops as possibilities of social psychology to intervening in the ways of young people to see and participate in the city. The interlacing of these themes is based on fragments collected from contexts, situations and diverse conditions: images of aesthetic interventions in the city and artworks that have the city as theme; information about a research-intervention project in social psychology with young people whose goal was to modify their relationships with the city.

Palabras clave

Youth; art; city; aesthetic workshops

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URBS. Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales ISSN: 2014-2714. Universidad de Almería, Almería