The fundamental objectives of this project focus on the design of a mobile robot that is capable of carrying out intelligent transport tasks inside a greenhouse, and on the acquisition of a commercial platform that allows, in parallel, to advance in the design and implementation of collaborative tasks to be performed by all robots working in this environment. To this end, the following specific objectives are set:

  1. Design a medium-sized platform with a high degree of maneuverability, capable of moving, at a speed of no less than 1 m/s, autonomously in typical greenhouses in southeastern Spain, being able to support the weight of 6 boxes approximately 50×39 cm and with a payload of around 100 kg.
  2. The platform must be prepared to connect to the cloud, in order to allow access in supervisory mode and in real time to the established data of interest.
  3. The platform must be able to communicate with other agricultural machines, thus allowing its interaction with other elements in the greenhouse.
  4. Must be prepared to work collaboratively with humans.
  5. Must be able to navigate autonomously inside the greenhouse.
  6. It must be an energy efficient platform analyzing the possibility of covering its needs with renewable energies. This characteristic, together with the zero emission of pollutants, will guarantee the sustainability of transport inside the greenhouse.