Outside view
Inside panoramic view

The experiences will take place in the facilities that the Andalusian Institute for Research and Training Agrarian, Fisheries and Food (IFAPA), has in the Municipal District of the Cañada de San Urbano (Almería) at 36º50′ N and 2º24′ W and at a height of 3 meters above sea level.

An Almería-type greenhouse with a steel structure, polyethylene cover, east-west ridge orientation, and an area of ​​1,850 m2 is used. It has a central corridor 2 meters wide, from which secondary corridors with a width of one-meter branch off where the mobile robots navigate. It is divided into two sectors in which the following systems are available to action to control crop growth: natural ventilation (zenithal and lateral), heating and air cooling, enrichment systems CO2, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, system irrigation, and fertilization, and artificial led lighting. In order to monitor system variables and weather conditions inside and outside the greenhouse, there are six indoor stations IoT (Internet of Things) that allow measuring the temperature, relative humidity, environmental pressure, leaf wetness, solar radiation, PAR radiation, and CO2 concentration; or even terrain variables such as volumetric content, conductivity electrical and floor temperature.

There are also two outdoor weather stations that measure external variables such as precipitation, wind speed and direction, radiation, temperature and humidity, and CO2 concentration. At the level of measurement, control, and supervision, the greenhouse has its own cloud (fog), which in turn is incorporated into the cloud-based architecture (with the three layers Edge, Fog and Cloud) with the underlying idea of provider services, which integrates the rest of the systems that make up the facilities and that need to exchange information and orders between them: solar desalination, osmosis distillation, photovoltaic park, solar thermal installation, microalgae photobioreactors, etc; as well as external services such as weather forecasts, price information, etc.

Agricobiot I

The robot Husky from Clearpath is a differential robot that allows zero radius turns, providing it with a vitally important feature to move through the corridors of the greenhouse. A new platform has also been designed and added to the robot to give it the ability to move boxes.

Robot Husky with its new platform

Agricobiot II

This robot is based on the development of a new platform designed to work optimally in the greenhouse, maintaining a compromise between performance and cost that makes it profitable for future commercial use.

New robot design