28 abril, 2017

Therbior celebrates its third meeting in Barcelona

Rationale of the meetingThe 3rd project meeting will be held in Barcelona and will last one day. The meeting will be articulated in following sections: 1)        […]
28 abril, 2017

Almeria Meeting October 2016

1.Welcome‐ introduction of participants Mr Francisco Javier Batlles Garrido welcomed participants and opened the meeting. Mrs Sabina Rosiek (nominated by the Francisco Javier Batlles Garrido for […]
29 septiembre, 2016

Kick off meeting at CNR- IRSA site

IRSA-CNR Water Research Institute of National Research Council, is founded in 1968 and today is located at three sites: Monterotondo (RM), Brugherio (MI), Bari.