Visit by Dr. Patrick Bixby (Arizona State University) – September 14, 2021

Patrick Bixby

Dr. Patrick Bixby, who is an associate professor of English in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, discussed his forthcoming book, Unaccompanied Traveler: The Writings of Kathleen M. Murphy (Syracuse UP, 2021) with the members of the And-Mitchell Project. Bixby focused mainly on his work as an editor of Murphy’s writings and on specifics of the editorial process as a whole during the hour-long talk, which was productive and illuminating for the members of Project given the striking similarities between Murphy and Mitchell; namely, their Irish background, their shared interest in travel writing, and most notably their near-absence from the pages of literary history.

Research visit to Dublin (NLI, UCD, TCD) by members of the Project – October 25-31, 2021

Mar Garre, Germán Asensio, and Madalina Armie

Members of the And-Mitchell Project Dr. Madalina Armie, Dr. Germán Asensio, and Mar Garre visited the city of Dublin from October 25 to October 31, 2021, with the aim of accessing the Desmond Ryan Papers (held at University College, Dublin), and the Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington Papers (held at the National Library of Ireland), as both archives contain letters, postcards, and other documents directly connected to Mairin Mitchell. Additionally, Armie, Asensio, and Garre were able to compile and procure a wealth of primary and secondary bibliographical sources related to Mitchell including, among others, copies of the author’s works, as well as scans of periodicals and books published during the 1930s. Despite the many official restrictions at work in Ireland derived from the COVID pandemic, the Project sees this fruitful research trip to Dublin as a stepping stone to achieving its objective of tracing Mitchell’s life and career, and her personal and literary connection to Andalusia.

The Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington Papers at the National Library of Ireland

Visit to the exhibition “Mairin Mitchell: la cronista irlandesa de los vascos” – July 2022

Lorena Martínez and Ángeles Jordán

Members of the And-Mitchell Project Ángeles Jordán and Lorena Martinez’s visit to the exhibition “Mairin Mitchell: la cronista irlandesa de los vascos”, held at the Museum Euskal Herria (Bizkaia) until February 5, 2023. We are deeply grateful for the warm welcome received by Leire Irazabal and Xabier Armendariz, head of the museum and organizer of the exhibition. Moreover, we would like to thank them for granting us the possibility to interview them and exchange information about Mitchell.

We acknowledge the extensive research of Armendariz and Amaia López de Munain for finding the only existing photograph of Mairin Mitchell taken in 1920, during a visit to the Irish Parlament in Dublin.

Some of Mitchell’s personal belongings, held at the Museum Euskal Herria