14 mayo, 2018


DEMO1 facility planned

Closed and open photobioreactors from 100 L to 100 m3 volume, fully automatized and controlled. Reactors will be operated in continuous mode, monitoring environmental and culture parameters as solar radiation, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen among others… Data will be available trough the DATA CENTER

DEMO5 facility planned

Up to 5 ha of open reactors will be installed for demonstration of developed technology. Facilities will include photobioreactors, but also auxiliary equipment as requested for preparation of culture medium, harvesting and processing of biomass. Industrial criteria will be applied on this step.


Arriving to the DEMO1 facility

The DEMO1 facility is just attached to the University of Almeria, inside the IFAPA Research Center, only follow the arrows to arrive on it…


Laboratory facilities

Laboratory equipment includes small reactors for test and optimization of culture conditions, in addition to equipment for evaluation of culture parameters, status of the cells, biochemical composition of the biomass, nutreints recovery, etc.. Additional analytical equipment as GC, HPLC, elemental analysisand others is also available.

Closed reactors at IFAPA

Closed bubble columns up to 100 L, and tubular photobioreactors up to 3000 L, are used to produce clean biomass and inocula for larger open reactors

 Open reactors

Open raceway up to 80 m2 are operated inside a greenhouse to produce clean biomass of selected microalgae with higher biostimulant and biopesticide properties

Thin layer cascade reactors from 40 to 80 m2 has been build to optimiza their design and oepration for further scale-up

Open reactors up to 500 m2 has been developed based on optimal design and optimized materials.


Biomass processing

Equipmet for biomass harvesting up to 3 m3/h is already available, sludge from the centrifuge being suitable for final development of end products…

End products

End products as biofertilizers and biostimulants are already being produced for field trials…