14 marzo, 2017


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Microalgae-Based Biofuels and Bioproducts

Current Developments in Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Grand Challenges in Biology and Biotechnology

Biomass, Biofuels and Biochemicals: Biofuels from algae

Prospects and Challenges in Algal Biotechnology

List of most relevant papers published (link to journal site)

Utilization of centrate for the outdoor production of marine microalgae at pilot-scale in flat-panel photobioreactors

Analysis of mass transfer capacity in raceway reactors

Microalgae research worldwide

A new approach for detection and quantification of microalgae in industrial-scale microalgal cultures

Effect of microalgae hydrolysate foliar application (Arthrospira platensis and Scenedesmus sp.) on Petunia x hybrida growth

Rapid screening test to estimate temperature optima for microalgae growth using photosynthesis activity measurements

Development of thin-layer cascades for microalgae cultivation: milestones (review).

Photosynthesis and growth kinetics of Chlorella vulgaris R-117 cultured in an internally LED-illuminated photobioreactor

Assessment of long-term effects of the macroalgae Ulva ohnoi included in diets on Senegalese sole fillet quality

A novel photo-respirometry method to characterize consortia in microalgae related wastewater treatment processes

Production of a biocrust-cyanobacteria strain (Nostoc commune) for large-scale restoration of dryland soils

Effect of pulsed electric field treatment on enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins of Scenedesmus almeriensis

Biostimulant Potential of Scenedesmus obliquus Grown in Brewery Wastewater

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Applied to the Design of photobioreactors for the Production of Microalgae

Engineering strategies for the enhancement of Nannochloropsis gaditana outdoor production: Influence of the CO2 flow rate on the culture performance in tubular photobioreactors

Modelo de temperatura para reactores abiertos de microalgas

BIO_ALGAE 2: improved model of microalgae and bacteria consortia for wastewater treatment

Monoalgal and mixed algal cultures discrimination by using an artificial neural network

Evaluation of native microalgae from Tunisia using the pulse‑amplitude‑modulation measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence and a performance study in semi‑continuous mode for biofuel production

Evaluation of photosynthetic light integration by microalgae in a pilot-scale raceway reactor

Variations of culture parameters in a pilot-scale thin-layer reactor and their influence on the performance of Scenedesmus almeriensis culture

Comparative evaluation of microalgae strains for CO2 capture purposes

Differential hydrolysis of proteins of four microalgae by the digestive enzymes of gilthead sea bream and Senegalese sole

Biomass estimation of an industrial raceway photobioreactor using an extended Kalman filter and a dynamic model for microalgae production

A simple equation to quantify the effect of frequency of light/dark cycles on the photosynthetic response of microalgae under intermittent light

Utilization of centrate for the outdoor production of marine microalgae at the pilot-scale in raceway photobioreactors

Utilization of centrate for the outdoor production of marine microalgae at pilot-scale in flat-panel photobioreactors

Selection of native Tunisian microalgae for simultaneous wastewater treatment and biofuel production

Modeling of biomass productivity in dense microalgal culture using computational fluid dynamics


Utilization of centrate from urban wastewater plants for the production of Scenedesmus sp. in a raceway-simulating reactor

Application of Predictive Feedforward Compensator to Microalgae Production in a Raceway Reactor: A Simulation Study

Life cycle assessment of high rate algal ponds for wastewater treatment and resource recovery

Overall development of a bioprocess for the outdoor production of Nannochloropsis gaditana for aquaculture

Analysis of light regime in continuous light distributions in photobioreactors

Direct transesterification of microalgae biomass and biodiesel refining with vacuum distillation

Comparative evaluation of piggery wastewater treatment in algal-bacterial photobioreactors under indoor and outdoor conditions

Outdoor production of microalgae biomass at pilot-scale in seawater using centrate as the nutrient source

A mechanistic model for design, analysis, operation and control of microalgae cultures: Calibration and application to tubular photobioreactors

Effect of the foliar application of cyanobacterial hydrolysate
(Arthrospira platensis) on the growth of Petunia x hybrida
under salinity conditions https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10811-020-02192-3