Os dejamos a continuación grabación de la charla que impartimos el pasado 15 de diciembre de 2020, en el 25th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, (ATCM 2020), celebrado en formato virtual del 14 al 16 de diciembre de 2020, en la Radford University , de Virginia, USA y en la Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand.

Curvas de Clelia en la esfera y sus proyecciones realizadas con la nueva calculadora gráfica 3d durante la charla.

Title: “3D Dynamic Geometry and Parametrizations in Neotrie VR”
Abstract: We present a new 3d Graphing Calculator in Neotrie VR to generate parameterized curves and surfaces. It works like other existing software in virtual reality, but with the added advantage that we can later edit the geometric elements with the dynamic geometry tools available in the game. This allows us, for example, to propose exercises to students where they represent parameterized curves and surfaces, and study their symmetries (translations, rotations or reflections). All this in a totally immersive environment, where one manipulates the elements of the objects as if they were real. There will also be a quick introduction to the implemented dynamic geometry tools and how to use them with concrete examples. Different scenarios of how Neotrie has been used in real math classrooms will be shown. This is a joint work by Diego Cangas and Carmen Sánchez from the University of Almería.

Video de la presentación