D0.1: Work Plan (M6)
D0.2: First Annual Report (M12)
D0.3: Second Annual Report (M18)
D0.4: Third Annual Report (M36)

D1.1: Results of the characterization and technological requirement (M11)
D1.2: Report on the design alternatives of the system architecture (M27)
D1.3: Report on the final design and implementation of the system architecture (M36)
D1.4: Final report on the validation of the hierarchical control architecture (M36)

D2.1: Report on the requirements, methodologies, paradigms, and tools for the modelling and simulation of resources management in greenhouses (M28).
D2.2: Process report on control techniques of the WECF nexus main variables considering the resource management (M32)
D4.1: Report on the evolution of the experiments (M35)

D3.1: Report on the optimal control of food production in greenhouses (M35).
D3.2: Report on optimal dispatch of resources (M34)
D3.3: Report on evolution of the experiments (M36)

D4.1: Project web page (M5)
D4.2: Dissemination plan (M5); updates at M6, M12, M18, M24, M30 and M36)
D4.3: Publication of a minimum of 18 national or international congresses and 16 JCR journal papers (M36)