Who we are? Health cultural mediators


Following the presentation of cultural and health mediators who are participating in the research project it includes:




I am Samira. Location Campohermoso, Almería. I like everything about the artistic and am a rather curious person.





My name Sufian I have 17 years and I am Moroccan, I am very educated, good person but sometimes I really pissed. I am very sociable and I love football.





My name is Florina, I have 16 years. I am Romanian. I like being with my friends, I love music. Sometimes the music understands me better than anyone. I am a good person.


Jose Manuel


My name is Jose Manuel, sincere, honest, humble, dreamy, proud, with some character and sometimes silly. I was born in Melilla and the two years I came to Almería. Here I have lived until now. I love journalism and programs of the heart, which nobody understands, and of course, football. I am the future collaborator Sálvame;)


Gabriela Alexandra








My name is David Salvador. Location Campohermoso, Almería. My hobby is sport. I would like to study business administration or teaching, I have not very clear. I describe myself as a very healthy and happy person.






I am Mohamed. I am from Morocco. I love football and my hobby is football: D






Matínez am Jose Antonio del Aguila, I live in Campohermoso (Almería). I was born in Spain. I love sports and being with my friends.




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