Please see the online programme to see Young Scholar Sessions, which being at 6:30 pm on 24 May before the Welcome Cocktail. There are also sessions on the 25 at 6:00 pm and on the morning of the 26 May.

The ICA Co-operative Committee on Research  
recently began a LinkedIn group where young scholars can post announcements, discuss issues related to co-operative research, and get to know each other better. The group can be accessed at

A Facebook group has been set up for ICA 2016 Almería Young Scholars.
We hope that by joining this group you can interact to:
1. Exchange ideas about what you would like the Young Scholar conference sessions to achieve (see the program  );
2. Consider what the ICA Research Committee may do to include more co-operative scholars, including young scholars. What needs do you have as co-operative researchers that the ICA could meet in a better way? How can we all be more effective? What is the co-operative research community missing out on, doing wrong, doing right, etc.?
3. Help each other with conference needs and logistics. For example, car shares to Almería if you are coming from another destination and not flying into Almería (e.g. Madrid, Malaga), sharing hotel rooms (see low rates for shared rooms in one of the Conference Hotels the GARDEN:  ), etc.
Please tell others that might be interested to join the Facebook page and also to visit the website