Dear colleagues, dear modellers,

The HorchiModel 2023 International Symposium on Models for Plant Growth, Environments, Farm Management in Orchards and Protected Cultivation will be held in Almería (Spain) from June 26th to 28th 2023. It is our pleasure to host this conference and to invite you to attend.

The symposium incorporates:

- XI International Symposium on Modelling in Fruit Research and Orchard Management

- VI International Symposium on Models for Plant Growth, Environment Control and Farming Management in Protected Cultivation (HortiModel)

under the aegis of two ISHS Working Groups "Modelling in Fruit Research and Orchard Management" and "Modelling Plant Growth, Environmental Control, Greenhouse Environment", respectively.

This event is an opportunity to bring together in the same space and time specialists in the modelling of hortofruticultural production systems both orchads and greenhouses and to present their research innovations, to share ideas and knowledge and discuss state-of-the-art and future perspectives for the modelling.

Model goals for the future are to provide integrated understanding and cross-talk between physiological processes at multiple plant scales, optimizing trait combinations for selecting innovative genotypes, simulate complex greenhouses and orchard designs, anticipating the consequences of environmental fluctuations, soil water restriction or pest attack, for system control and management limiting spread of insects or pathogens.

Almería is a modern city located in the historical Andalussian region of Spain. It has a long tradition in agriculture, starting during the transition from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age (4000-1800 b.C.) with the development of Los Millares complex, an archaological site located 20 kms north west of Almeria. Today, the 32,000 ha of plastic greenhouses provide 3.7 million tonnes of fruits and vegetable along the year, allowing Almería to be the first horticultural production area in Spain with more than 100,000 jobs.

Thanks to being the area of continental Europe with the greatest number of hours of sun along the year, Almería also hosts two scientific centers of international prestige. The Plataforma Solar de Almería, is the largest concentrating solar technology research, development, and test centre in Europe. The German-Spanish Astronomical Center at Calar Alto, located in the Sierra de Los Filabres at the north of Almeria, provides three telescopes to the study of the space.

Almería is famous for its gorgeous beaches, most of which are completely unspoilt, splendid and very quiet landscapes in the Almanzora Valley, and also for its gastronomy (the "tapas") and people who are friendly and known for their hospitality.

We believe that you will enjoy your stay in Almería, from the scientific sessions to the cultural and touristic programs that we will prepare for you.

We look forward to seeing you all during the next Horchimodel 2023 symposium.


Prof. Dr. Francisco Domingo Molina Aiz
Universidad de Almería
CIAIMBITAL (Research Center on Agricultural and Food Biotechnology)
CITE II-A, Despacho 1.07
Carretera Sacramento s/n
04120 Almería

(34) 950015449

(34) 950015491


Dr. Lorenzo León Moreno
IFAPA (Andalusian Institute for Research and Training in Agriculture,
Fisheries, Food and Ecological Production)
Centro "Alameda del Obispo"
Avda. Menendez Pidal s/n
E-14004, Córdoba

(34) 671532697

(34) 957016043

Universidad de Almería
Carretera Sacramento s/n
04120 La Cañada de San Urbano

Instituto Andaluz de Investigación y Formación Agraria,
Pesquera, Alimentaria y de la Producción Ecológica

Edificio Administrativo Los Bermejales
Avenida de Grecia s/n
41012 Sevilla

International Society for Horticultural Science
ISHS Secretariat
PO Box 500
3001 Leuven 1