Finantial conditions


                                               FINANTIAL CONDITIONS
Reg. 8.1
Deposit = 2000 EUROS per team / 3 months before the event (23.03.13)
EUSA shall receive a deposit together with the GE Form according to the General Entries Procedure. In case of a forfeit\withdrawal, the is non-returnable and is equally shared between EUSA and the OC.
Reg. 8.2
Entry Fee = 30 EUROS per person upon arrival at the event.
EUSA shall receive an entry fee for each competing team and\or competitor.
Reg. 8.3
Participation Fee = 65 EUROS per person per night
Each University team shall pay 50% of the participation fees to the OC together with the quantitative entry (Deadline: 22.04.2013) and the balance of the participation upon arrival at the event.
Reg. 8.6
All fees are determined by the Executive Committee at least six months prior to the start of each Championship, however no later than at the date of attribution of the event to the host.
Reg. 8.7
All payments shall be received without any local or international bank fees.
Reg. 8.8
If the whole event where cancelled, the deposit, the participation fee and the entry fee would be refunded.


The participation fee for the athletes and officials is 65 € per person per day, in agreement with the regulation EUSA.
This amount includes:
- Accommodation in hotel 4 stars
- All meals
- Transport for the competition
- Transport to and from the Airport and Train Station
- All the facilities, material and equipment necessary for the competition
- Cultural and social Activities included in the Program
The participation fee must be paid according the EUSA Regulation to take part in the European University Championship.


The entry fee for the athletes and officials is 30 € per person, in agreement with the regulation EUSA.


Each delegation must bring to the competition referee under Regulation EUSA. The costs of accommodation and meals during your stay are the responsibility of the Organizing Committee, being in charge of each delegation only displacement.
Failure to provide this referee must pay an amount of € 1,000 per delegation in compensation to the Organizing Committee as EUSA Regulation.