Promotional Program


An event such as the European Universities Football Championship has an important relevance in the university as well as in the society. For this reason, the Organizing Committee of this Championship has designed a Promotional Campaign Programme to make the event known in its environment.

The promotional Campaign Programme is composed of 3 specific campaigns that have been designed by the Organizing Committee in order to make the celebration of the 10th European Universities Football Championship known in Almería, to make Almería society aware of supporting this event, and achieve the greatest participation of local, regional and national authorities.

“WELCOME A COUNTRY”: Each school supports one country. With the collaboration of the Education Office of the Andalusian Government Junta de Andalucía, the pupils will work on a teaching unit related to the selected country in the schools in May and June before the Championship. Thus, it is encouraged that the pupils know the championship, support the countries that take part in the competition and go to the matches and cheer up the selected country. This campaign is for 10 and 11 years old primary education children from schools of the city and the province of Almería.
Date: May and June 2013
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“2ND YOUTH FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT UAL”: In U12 and U10 categories and in the discipline of Football 7. It will be celebrated on 28th and 29th of March 2013 in the facilities of the University of Almería. It is for children from federated clubs of the city and province of Almería. The aim is to promote the EUC Football 2013 within the sport sphere of our city, and, especially, in its football environment, encouraging people to go to the different matches of the event.
Date: 28th and 29th of March 2013
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“EUROPE PLAYS IN THE UAL”: Several information meetings will be held in the University of Almería and in other sport places of our city, where people will be informed about everything related to this event. Our main interest is the university public, although Almería society will be also informed. The main objective is to inform of everything related to the championship and to link the students with volunteering.
Date: from March to June 2013
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