Medical Assistance

The Organizing Committee will provide the EUSA members, the athletes and all the accredited staff with medical assistance during all the event.
For this purpose, there will be a Physician Responsible for the event, who will coordinate all the actions  carried out in everything related to medical assistance.

Physician responsible
Name:    José Tara Arriola, medical delegatee ASISA

Medical assistance during the European Universities Football Championship will be supported by the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) and the following entities that will take part in the event as Collaborative Partners through the following agreements:
   - Cruz Roja Española (Spanish Red Cross). Emergency assistance and transfer at the sport venues.
   - ASISA (a Spanish health insurance company). 24 hour accommodation assistance.



Medical coverage is provided as follows:

AT ALL THE SPORT VENUES OF THE COMPETITION. Each venue will be equipped with:
    -  a medical team composed of 3 people, that will be wearing distinctive clothes and will be available during all competition hours.
    - an Advanced Life Support ambulance equipped with a defibrillator and a emergency first aid kit for emergency transfers.  
    - a specialised medical room, equipped with a stretcher, ice and a first aid kit.

IN ALL THE OFFICIAL HOTELS. In each hotel, there will be a fully equipped first aid kit  at the information desk and ice. Besides, there will be a 24 hour medical coverage in each hotel. For this purpose, there will be a telephone number available if needed.

The Official Magazine includes some information about medical assistance and how to access to it, about the national emergency telephone number and the telephone number of the main physician of the medical team.

Medical Emergencies telephone number:      061
General Emergencies telephone number:     112


According to Rule 6.8 of EUSA Rules, the delegations must have a travel insurance that covers a long stay of medical treatment and the return to their places of origin.


The Organizing Committee will guarantee the anti-doping tests, in accordance with EUSA rules. In coordination with the Spanish National Sports Council (CSD), and according to the current EUSA rules about the fight against doping, some anti-doping tests could be made, since they are made for national and international championships that are held in our country.