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The University of Almeria, one of the youngest and most dynamic in Spain, was created by the Andalusian Parlament in 1993 by proposed by the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía. The immediate years following its creation were crucial for the challenge of "building" the University and planning its future. Some figures reflect the spectacular growth of the University of Almeria during those years.

Currently our university has four Lecture Room Buildings, offering students the possibility of studying more than 30 degrees, more than 37 Doctorate Programs (9 of them with mention of quality), 13 Official Masters and 12 Non Official Masters. We also have many modern buildings including an auditorium, a sports center with pavilions, a swimming pool, a football field with artificial grass, offering students a wide variety of complementary studies (courses, specialist courses, expert courses, masters, etc.) as well as a wide variety of cultural and sports activities, intended to satisfy both academic and extra-academic requirements, not only of the university community but also those of society in general. Among these are the over 20 summer courses offered every year, with more than 1300 students for the University of Almeria.

Distinguished for promoting research, the UAL is in third place for scientific production in Andalusia, as it has more than 300 research contracts signed with companies, has obtained a dozen patents, 676 books published and it publishes three annual journals.

In its external projection it holds agreements and exchange programs for students and teachers with more than 150 European and Latin American universities with undergraduate and graduate courses.

One of the most significant achievements has been to open higher studies to the majority of families in Almeria, not only for pre-university students but also senior people, etc.

In summary, the University of Almeria is currently engaged in adapting its services to the new requirements of society to reach quality and efficient goals in teaching, research and management.

Behind the Universitiy of Almeria is a group of people who are excited about their work and willing to meet new challenges and better achieve greater goals every day to benefit not only students but society in general.


The sport in the University of Almería


The University of Almeria, in spite of being one of the youngest universities in Spain, has extensive experience in sports, and even more so in recent years.
Through Sport Services, the University of Almeria offers a wide program which has the goal to promote and to facilitate quality sports activities for the whole university community. The annual sports programs include:
      - Leisure and free time activities Program
      - Internal Competitions Program
      - External Competitions Program
      - University Players Support Program
Also the University of Almeria has a quality sport venues:
      - Football field with Artificial grass                       

      - Athletics track                                              

      - Covered swimming pool                                   

      - Fitness and directed activities halls              

      - 2 covered pavilions 
      - 3 outdoor tennis courts
      - 2 outdoor paddle courts 
      - 2 outdoor futsal courts



CEU Golf, Baloncesto

CAU Voleibol

2009 / 2010
CEU Kárate, Taekwondo y Voleibol
CEU Fase Interzonal Fútbol 11
CAU Campo a Través
CEU Fútbol, Triatlon y Voleibol
CEU Balonmano y Natación
CAU Fútbol Sala, Pádel y Tenis
CAU Voley Playa
CAU Atletismo y Voleibol
CEU Interzonal Balonmano y Voleibol

(CAU: Andalusian Universitary Championship)
(CEU: Spain Universitary Championship)


Training Center of Boxing, Wrestling, Judo and Weightlifting in the Mediterranean Games Almeria 2005


CEU Golf 2012

CEU Basket 2012

CAU Volleyball 2012

CEU Karate 2010

CEU Taekwondo 2010

CEU Volleyball 2010

CEU Triatlon 2009

CEU Football 2009

CEU Volleyball 2009

CEU Swimming 2008

CEU Handball 2008

CAU Beach Volley 2007