Almeria is ready to receive the participants of the European Universities Football Championship 2013

Next Sunday 23th June will begin the EUC Football Almeria 2013, with the celebration of the General Technical Meeting, and next Monday 24th June will begin the competition, and will be hold the Opening Ceremony.

The Organizing Committee is finalizing the last details in order to prepare everthing for the arrival of the first expeditions. There will be 16 men and 8 women's teams represented 22 universities from 11 countries across Europe.
The EUC Football Almeria 2013 provides important news that will make it more attractive to the participants and also to his supporters. All matches could be followed by Twister (@ eucfootball2013) and comments, with statistics and final reports at the official website http: \ \

Also, the matches held at the Soccer Field at the University of Almería, the main stadium of the event, will be broadcast online TV streaming also through the official website.

On the other hand the Organizing Committee is preparing an exceptional Opening Ceremony with the parade of all the participants, but also entertainment and shows, taking the well-known Armenian-born violinist Ara Malikian as the main artist. The Opening Ceremony will be held on Monday 24 th June in the Youth Stadium.

Participating universities will find a warm atmosphere in many matches of the competition, because the Organizing Committee has developed a promotional campaign "welcomes a country" between several schools. The students are knowing the different countries to attending the competition, and encourage the universities.

Other surprises are prepared for participants, such as cultural visits, parties ... and the visit of the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Cup recently won by the Spain National Team.


Results and statistics online of all the matches of the European Universities Football Championship Almeria 2013

The organization of the 10th European Universities Football Championship Almeria 2013 is still working on this event, in order to make it as attractive as possible.  The application of new technologies in an event like this makes it possible to follow it online from any point of Europe and the world. The last work made by the organizers is an online data management programme for every match of the championship, in both men´s and women´s categories.


The beginning of the EUC Football 2013 in only one month`s time

The Organizing Committee is now finalizing details so that everything is ready for the 23rd June.

Thirty days before the beginning of the European Universities Football Championship, the Organizing Committee, chaired by Mr. José Antonio Guerrero, the Students, University Extension and Sports Vice-rector, is finalizing all the details. The organization, with which all the staff of the Sports Service are directly involved, with Mr Pablo Martínez at the head as the Organization Director, is in the middle of the phase of execution of all the organizational design necessary for this kind of events.


The volunteers of the European Universities Football Championship meet for the first time.

Last Tuesday, a meeting was arranged with all the volunteers of the European University Football Championship that will be held in Almería from 23rd to 30th June, where they were informed of the selective and training process they will carry out for this great sporting event.

They had a first meeting with the Organizing Committee in order to know their volunteering work during this event. This first informative meeting counted on the presence of Mr José Antonio Guerrero Villalba, the Students, University Extension and Sports Vice-rector and the President of the Organizing Committee, together with other members of the Sports Service and the Executive Committee of this event, such as Mr. Pablo Martínez, the Organization Director, Mr. Manuel Calvo, the person in charge of the Technical Secretariat, and Mr. Pedro Núñez, in charge of the Volunteering Programme.

During the informative meeting, some important details of the event were explained to the volunteers, such as the fact that from the 267 registrations received, there will be a selection, and only 160 volunteers will finally collaborate in the event. It was also presented the Rincón del Voluntario (the Volunteer`s Corner), a web site where the volunteers can see news, notices and documents of interest.

The volunteers will have to follow a training process, which will consist of a Sports Volunteering Course, that will be held on 23rd and 24th May. Its main contents are sports volunteering legislation, volunteering experience during the Mediterranean Games Almería 2005, and subjects more related to this event such as its organizational design, collaboration areas and availability and task assignment of the volunteers. Several days before the beginning of the course, the volunteers will have to collect the Volunteer Manual (a document having all the information necessary at any moment), and sport clothes as a present. That day, the tasks and the dates of the tasks will be confirmed.

From 23rd to 30th June, Almería will host more than 500 athletes from all over Europe, and the students of the University of Almería, and other volunteers will be the real hosts. All members of the “university family” will enjoy 8 days of experience interchange and personal enrichment.


David Bisbal shows his support to the European Universities Football Championship Almería 2013

The international singer has once again demonstrated his involvement with Almeria supporting this important event for the University of Almería and the city which will take placeduring the month of June.
David Bisbal has decided to join the wide group of people who have shown their support for the European Universities Football Championship that will be held in Almeria from 23 to 30 June 2013.


Cruz Roja (Spanish Red Cross) will watch over the athletes health care during the European Universities Championship

The competition, that will meet together national universities champions from different European countries next June, will take place at several sports facilities from the city, such as the football field of the University of Almería, Los Ángeles sports complex, Emilio Campra youth stadium, La Cañada sports complex, Viator sports complex and El alquian sports complex. Some of them are competition facilities and others, training facilities.