Live Matches

The OC EUC Football Almeria 2013 is working to offer the best event as possible. The application of new technologies in an event like this facilitates online monitoring from anywhere in Europe and the world. So you can follow the matches through different ways.

  • Following the matches by live comments on web and Twitter

The latest creation by the Organizing Committee, is the implementation of a program for online data management for all championship games, both the men and the women. All matches will be broadcast online via the official Twitter championship, using a hashtag to identify each game to make it easier to track each.


  • Following the matches in the official website through comments and stadistics

Also every game also will be streamed through comments from the official website in the area of ​​"Results and Classifications" which will have a comment block on one side and by other side with all the match statistics. To follow the games you have to select the game you want to follow and click the icon 

  • Following the matches live online TV

The OC EUC Football Almeria 2013 will provide a system of online TV broadcasting live all the matches played at Campo de Futbol Universidad de Almeria, so it can be tracked at any place of Europe and the world, trough streaming format.
3 matches will be broadcast daily, 1 women match and 2 men matches, every day in addition to the finals.
The matches will be streamed through the official website at the link Live Matches TV

  • Final Report and Statistics of all matches

In the same location on the official website that the comments to follow all the games, "Results and Classifications", at the end of the matches automatically you can download the final report with the final match statistics. To follow the games you have to select the game you want to check and click the icon .