General Technical Meeting and the draw procedure

The General Technical Meeting will be at day June 23th 2013, one day prior to the start of the event, at the Auditorium of the University of Almeria at 18:00 h.

According to the EUSA Rules (PRO 4.1) are invited to take part: representatives of EUSA , the members of the SCAC, Representative of the OC, the heads of delegations or an authorised representative (maximum two persons per team) and referees.

The General Technical Meeting is divided in three parts:

  1. Organizational part of the event, presented by the OC representative.
  2. Technical part of the event, presented by the EUSA TD.
  3. The draw of the event (optionally, if required by the competition format), carried out by the EUSA TD.

According the EUSA Rules (PRO 4.4) the draw procedure is carried out in front of the team representatives. Names of the participating teams shall be put in the “draw balls” in advance. The opening of the balls shall be done transparently, showing to the audience who is drawn. The draw procedure cannot be repeated, unless a mistake is done, and this is approved by the TD.