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Much more than sense perception
Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano

Much more than sense perception

Miércoles, 6 de julio de 2022, a las 11:30 h
Sala de conferencias del Edificio de Ciencias de la Salud

Much more than sense perception

Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano (University of Zaragoza)

The senses are our principal channels to gather information about the physical world; they tell us about flavours, shapes, textures, and other perceptual characteristics of the world around us. However, the senses are much more than that; they also provide us with the necessary information to talk about concepts and experiences that cannot be physically apprehended; they tell us about preferences (music tastes), thoughts (visionary ideas), and feelings (touching words), i.a. This talk focuses on the versatile and ubiquitous nature of sense perception and its relationship with language and culture. More precisely, I will talk about the polysemy of sense perception words from four complementary cross-cultural perspectives: its scope (how many meanings?), its motivation (why these meanings?), its multimodal encoding (which lexicalisation resources? ideophones? gestures?), and its applications in the ‘real’ world (what are they used for? advertising?).