The urban boogie: a heuristic dance to transcend alienation in High Streets


  • Pieter Marthinus De Kock University of Lincoln

Palabras clave:

Streets, alienation, boogie, heuristics.


In the context of visual relationships that we hold dear to our surroundings, we «need theory to direct us to significant relationships and networks» (Beauregard 2016, 00:40:00). We also need to understand more about the role of heuristics in our urban. This study focuses on how the transaction of an intangible service or product may be compared to how we experience the urban; that through interaction we neutralize alienation because «the things we make make us» (Berleant, 1997, p. 11). There is something to be said for how we transact and consume surrounding visual elements. An urban boogie is a dance of heuristics that transcends conditions of urban alienation. We must understand more empirically about how our urban functions; through physical and digital transactions in everyday assemblage if we are to understand the thing that we make, called a high street.