IRSA-CNR Water Research Institute of National Research Council, is founded in 1968 and today is located at three sites: Monterotondo (RM), Brugherio (MI), Bari.

Main R&D areas of interest in technical disciplines are: 1. Fate and effects of contaminants 2. Aquatic ecosystems 3. Treatment of urban and industrial wastewater 4. Management of wastewater and solid waste 5. Remediation of polluted sites 6. Sustainable management of water resources 7. Interactions groundwater, rocks and surface ecosystems.

The IRSA activities are developing in three main directions: 1. innovative research; 2. pre-regulatory investigations; 3. education activities.

Participation in THERBIOR will be possible thanks to the experience with processes and prototypes to enhance the competitiveness in the market of national industries or SMEs; basic and applied researches, processes and methodologies development, pilot and full-size plant design, costs evaluation and results disseminination.