10TH EDITION – 2022/23

[Expert in Mycology and Phytopathology of Arid Zones]

Experto en Micología y Fitopatología de Zonas Áridas


Centre:  CURSAL, University of Almeria (Almeria, Spain)

Organised by: ECOZONAR Research Group (Arid Zone Ecology)

Direction/Coordination:  Prof. Dr. Eduardo Gallego Arjona / Prof. Dr. José Sánchez Sánchez


Academic Year: 2022/23

Edition: 10th

Duration: 180 hours

ECTS credits: 24

Diploma Issued: Aptitude Diploma, University of Almeria

Course Code: 144692/10

Total Students: 36

E-learning Percentage: 100% (on-line course)


Profile of admission: 1 - Master's degree in biological / agricultural / forestry sciences; 2 - Bachelor's degree in biological / agricultural / forestry sciences; 3 - Other


Assessment Procedure: Multiple choice on-line exams


Objectives, career prospects, innovative aspects...:

The precedents of this course are in the “MYCOZONAR” AECID-MAE interuniversity cooperation project ("Collaboration in Research and Teaching in Mycology and Plant Pathology in Arid Zones", Ref C/030908/10) that allow us to know the formation in this field in the countries of arid and semiarid zones. From these observations, and the concern of professors of Spanish group participant, with widespread experience in university on-line courses, there is the motivation to develop a course in the field of mycology and plant pathology and easily accessible (i.e. on-line) for bachelor and master graduates with previous botanical training.

The objective of this specialization course is to deepen, supplement and update knowledge on fungi and plant diseases of bachelor and master graduates with prior botanical training. It offer an advanced and updated knowledge of this subject: systematic, taxonomy, disease management, etc. In addition, as the province of Almeria is a good example of arid zone (and semiarid zone) along the Mediterranean region, this course show more interest in this subject in the course.

The career prospects for these graduates are given by having a supplement useful additional training to perform various tasks (research, advisory mycological, and plant pathology) that can be performed by different graduates in the context of professional activities. These activities may be carried on in the field of public administration (agriculture and environmental agencies, universities, centres for training in agriculture or forestry, etc.) and private companies (traders of fungi and/or vegetables, preserved mycological areas, crop protection companies, seed companies, etc.).

As innovative features, this course presents an e-learning system (100% online course) and is interested in the development of this field of knowledge in arid zones (and semiarid zones). For these reasons, this course may also be interesting for students from Mediterranean countries (Europe, North Africa, Near East), and others with the presence of arid and semiarid regions (Latin America, Middle East, USA, Australia, etc.).


Modules: 1 - Mycology  (45 h, 6 ECTS); 2 - Advanced Plant Pathology  (45 h, 6 ECTS); 3 - Plant Nematology  (45 h, 6 ECTS); 4 - Weed Science  (45 h, 6 ECTS)


Principal dates: Preinscription: 01/09/2022 to 15/09/2022; Matriculation: 27/09/2022 a 04/10/2022; Course dates: 05/10/2022 to 01/03/2023


More information: e-mail: epropias@ual.es; course web CURSAL