Almeria is ready to receive the participants of the European Universities Football Championship 2013

Next Sunday 23th June will begin the EUC Football Almeria 2013, with the celebration of the General Technical Meeting, and next Monday 24th June will begin the competition, and will be hold the Opening Ceremony.

The Organizing Committee is finalizing the last details in order to prepare everthing for the arrival of the first expeditions. There will be 16 men and 8 women's teams represented 22 universities from 11 countries across Europe.
The EUC Football Almeria 2013 provides important news that will make it more attractive to the participants and also to his supporters. All matches could be followed by Twister (@ eucfootball2013) and comments, with statistics and final reports at the official website http: \ \

Also, the matches held at the Soccer Field at the University of Almería, the main stadium of the event, will be broadcast online TV streaming also through the official website.

On the other hand the Organizing Committee is preparing an exceptional Opening Ceremony with the parade of all the participants, but also entertainment and shows, taking the well-known Armenian-born violinist Ara Malikian as the main artist. The Opening Ceremony will be held on Monday 24 th June in the Youth Stadium.

Participating universities will find a warm atmosphere in many matches of the competition, because the Organizing Committee has developed a promotional campaign "welcomes a country" between several schools. The students are knowing the different countries to attending the competition, and encourage the universities.

Other surprises are prepared for participants, such as cultural visits, parties ... and the visit of the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Cup recently won by the Spain National Team.