Results and statistics online of all the matches of the European Universities Football Championship Almeria 2013

The organization of the 10th European Universities Football Championship Almeria 2013 is still working on this event, in order to make it as attractive as possible.  The application of new technologies in an event like this makes it possible to follow it online from any point of Europe and the world. The last work made by the organizers is an online data management programme for every match of the championship, in both men´s and women´s categories.

All matches will be broadcast online through the official Twitter of the championship,, with a hastag that will identify each match in order to make it easier to follow each one of them.

It will be also possible to follow every match on the official web page, at the area called “results and live matches”. This area will have a section of comments and another section with the statistics of the matches. When the matches finish, you will be able to download the final report of each match with its final statistics. 

The organization considers this system to be very remarkable, because it will be possible for every person interested to watch every game online through comments and statistics. Besides, we think it is very interesting for the coaches and players of the championship to know the official data of the games.

The statistics registered in the programme are the following:

  • Goals scored and goals against.
  • Corner.
  • Drawn fouls and fouls against.
  • Name and number of the players (that will be the same during the championship).
  • Offsides.
  • Substitutes.
  • Cards.
  • Total match shots.
  • Shots on goal.
  • goalkeeping.
  • Name of the referees, coaches, venue managers, venues.
  • Much more additional information.

The organization of the European Universities Football Championship Almeria 2013, is working on new possible online services for the participants and fans of the championship.

It gets closer to the championship, during which we will have the best universities football players from all over Europe in Almeria.