The beginning of the EUC Football 2013 in only one month`s time

The Organizing Committee is now finalizing details so that everything is ready for the 23rd June.

Thirty days before the beginning of the European Universities Football Championship, the Organizing Committee, chaired by Mr. José Antonio Guerrero, the Students, University Extension and Sports Vice-rector, is finalizing all the details. The organization, with which all the staff of the Sports Service are directly involved, with Mr Pablo Martínez at the head as the Organization Director, is in the middle of the phase of execution of all the organizational design necessary for this kind of events.

The 24 teams participating in this championship, that represent 11 countries from all over Europe, are already doing their quantitative entry form and sending us their travel plans to travel to Almería. Until now, we have registered 284 athletes, 46 officials and 14 referees. To this, we would have to add the delegations of another 7 universities that have not yet done their quantitative entry form.

Besides, all the competition venues are being adapted to the requirements of quality and human resources imposed by EUSA (European University Sports Association) and the UEFA representative, the Cypriot Mr Antonis Petrou, who will be the Sports Technical Manager of this event.

We are also working on the final competition system we will have according to UEFA rules, on the volunteering training, and on the Campaign “Welcome a country” carried out in 12 schools of Almería city. A package tour of accommodation and trips is also available for the companions of the different delegations.