The congress would value the contributions related to the following themes fields:

  1. ICT and intercultural education
  2. Transcultural health and ICTs
  3. New technologies and knowledge
  4. New ICTs in education: uses in the classroom
  5. ICTs in learning an developmental processes
  6. Use of ICTs in health and safety
  7. ICTs ans social inequalities
  8. ICT role in migration processes: transnationalism and transculturalim
  9. Mass media and intercultural education
  10. Digital literacy
  11. Health education in a transcultural and globalized world
  12. Intercultural Education and Health
  13. Transcultural Health Researches
  14. Intercultural Mediation within the Health Care System.
  15. Modification in healthy habits and behavioural patterns.
  16. Corporality and migrations.
  17. Mental health, ICT and migrations.
  18. Education, gender and ICT.
  19. Sexual Education
  20. Emotional health.
  21. Education, happiness and health.
  22. Poverty, vulnerable groups and Health.
  23. Innovation in Public Health Education.
  24. Professional experiences.
  25. Research methodologies.
  26. Medical Anthropology.
  27. Health policies.
  28. Mass Media, Intercultural Education and Health.
  29. Advertising and Health.
  30. Development of socio-emotional skills
  31. Living together in school
  32. Bullying
  33. Cyber Bullying
  34. Child Grooming
  35. Education against gender violence
  36. Education and resilience
  37. Democracy and Ethical Education
  38. Use and abuse of social networks
  39. Cultural Identity in digital sites
  40. Poverty and social discrimination
  41. Religious experience and ICTs
  42. Nutrition and health
  43. Family, education and health
  44. Friendship and peer relations
  45. Environmental Health Education

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