Submission of symposium/ special session.

Each special session/symposium  will be 90 minutes in length, with about five panel members, who will be allowed 15 minutes each for their presentation and a  final discussion.

  1. Proposals are expected to be sent by email, to the e-mail address:
  2. Call for special sessions/ symposia. Deadline:
    • 15tn March: Abstract deadline for special sessions/ symposia.
    • 15th May: Full text deadline for special sessions/ symposia.
  3. The abstracts would include the following information:
    • Short curriculum vitae of  the coordinator (100-150 words)
    • Name of the coordinator and the rest of authors
    • Brief summary of the special session/ symposium and all the titles of the panels/ communications (200-250 words)
    • Photograph of the coordinator (ID type) in the .jpg format (optional)

Submission of papers and posters.

  1. Proposals are expected to be sent by email, to the e-mail address:
  2. Call for papers. Deadline:
    • 15th April: Abstract deadline.
    • 30th May: Full text deadlines for presentations, no-invited talks, papers and posters.
  3. The documents would include the following information:
    • Title.
    • Author/s Name/s.
    • Contact e-mail address.
    • Theme field. Please bear in mind the theme fields list.
    • Regarding a research report, it would include an introduction, objectives, methodology, results, conclusions and bibliography. Regarding debate documents, it would include Antecedents, Object of Study, Evidence Sources, Main Argument, Conclusions and Bibliography. Some of the already mentioned elements may be optional.
  4. A Scientific Committee wil evaluate the received documents.
  5. Conference Application: Once the acceptance of the contribution is notified by the Organizing Committee, the authors may register before 15th May.
    Only the contributions whose authors are enrolled will be shown and published.
    . The registration form and transfer payment voucher may be sent to:
  6. Publishing: There are two possibilities regarding publication:
    • Procedia- Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal
    • ISBN Book

All those articles which are published in Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences are indexed in Scopus, ScienceDirect, Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index-Science (ISI, Web of Science).

The following document will outline the steps you will have to follow regarding the virtual presentations

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