The HUM-665 Research Group “Research and Evaluation in Intercultural Education” would like to warmly welcome you to the VI International Intercultural Education Conference, ICTS, EDUCATION AND HEALTH IN A TRANSCULTURAL WORLD, which will take place in Almeria from 15th to 17th June 2016.

This VII Edition of the conference will intend to generate a space of reflection and discussion in order to address the challenges with which institutional, academic, educational and healthcare communities will need to confront in an ever more globalized world absolutely, immersed in a huge technologization process. Telecommunications and technologies development is causing a paradigm change. It is influencing all aspects of our societies and it is in turn generating new effects and phenomena. The role of ICTs has significated opposing implications. It has played a crucial role to build bridges between differents geographical areas, cultures and societies, forging at every step meeting and dialogue points. But at the same time it have caused many difficulties and inequalities that academics, professionals, activists and members from civil society will have to provide answers.

The conference aims to, on the one hand, to create a reflection space about theoretical and philosophical considerations related to ICT interculturality, transculturality, equity, globality and its implications in education and health; and, on the other hand, to generate knowledge and mainstream a inter or transcultural perspective in the fields of study, in order to move forward to a critical and intercultural society, conscious of the moment it is living.

After last year success, the range of options available to participate in the meeting, both in English and Spanish, include: in-person and online attendance. In-person attendance will include plenary talks, symposiums, meeting with scholars, oral presentations and poster presentations. For those who cannot attend, online attendance will also ensure the access to all contributions.

We encourage you to take an active role in the conference, and to submit proposals for the different sessions of the scientific program.

We are sure that Almeria will provide, once more, a magnificent setting to a high quality meeting, with more than one thousand years of cultural melting pot, reflected in its architecture and arts, in a coastal Mediterranean environment.

We will be delighted to welcome you to Almeria in 2016.

Organizing Committee.

University of Almeria

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