Eating Out

The city of Almería was awarded the 2019 National Award for Gastronomy. Our city is thus country-wide famous for its Mediterranean cuisine, largely based on the «tapa» system and specialized in high quality seafood. This does not mean that Almería neglects contemporary and international cuisine, since you can find a range of multicultural tapas bars and restaurants in the city center and the outskirts. Please find below our top 5 list of highly recommended bars and restaurants near the conference venue:

Restaurante Casa Sevilla: Traditional Andalusian dishes and daily menu options.

Taberna Entrefinos: Home to the most competitive tapas in the local tapas tournament.

Casa Puga: Steeped in history and traditional local food, you can either order a table at the back or stand up huddled inside. Have a free tapa with a drink or try out the various «raciones».

Restaurante La Bodeguilla: Your go-to place if you are in search of traditional tapas.

La Consentida and Majareta: Brasserie bars with a slightly modern touch.

Other superb places where to enjoy an invigorating lunch, relaxing dinner or electric cocktails:

Restaurants around C/ Real:

  • Taberna Nuestra Tierra: The perfect blend of cutting-edge flavours and local cuisine they serve is a ‘must’ for travellers and locals alike. They have recently won the best gourmet tapa award.
  • Jovellanos 16,  La Encina, El andaluz: Top tapas bars with different awards from the public and for best tapas.
  • De Tal Palo: A blend of Almeria’s taste with an overhauled menu.
  • Bar Plazuela: From Mediterranean to international tapas.
  • Casa Puga: Steeped in history and traditional local food, you can either order a table at the back or stand up huddled inside. The free tapas – with a glass of wine (the house Albuñol is €1.80) or beer – are minimal but for €8-€10 more substantial half ‘raciones’ of grilled kidneys, fried fish, octopus or a juicy Raf tomato salad are available.
  • Restaurante Aljaima: Arab cuisine.

Contemporary bars:

  • Joseba Añorga: Gastrobar paying homage to Basque cuisine. As it is customary practice in the north of Spain, its drinks and tapas are charged separately. Their prices range between 3 and 6 euros and this bar is included in the 2020 Michelin travel guide.
  • La Mala: It’s got a venue specialized in ‘tortillas’. You won’t be deceived by its flamboyant atmosphere.
  • Tito’s: International food and drinks. Vegan friendly.


Restaurante Valentín: High quality seafood at the city centre.

American and Mexican meals for starving lecturers:

Goiko Grill, Motown Soulfood and Las Patronas.


  • Burana and Canta la Gallina: International beers, coffee, drinks and shisha at one of the most recognizable hotspots of El Paseo de Almeria.
  • Ático Ho: Enjoy a night out in a bustling belvedere at Puerta Purchena.
  • La Guajira: Flamenco performances, drinks and an arresting view of the Alcazaba.
  • El vino en un barco: Tapas and cocktails.
  • Macla: Tapas and cocktails.