Our team has a wide experience collaborating and solving business problems using mathematical innovation.

The individual study of each of the problems presented to our researchers and the introduction of mathematical techniques for their resolution have achieved considerable progress of the competitiveness of the company and a great improvement for the researchers in order to solve new problems.

Furthermore, the Center takes part in technological meetings organised by research groups, companies or by the Spanish Math and Industry Net (Math-In), which we belong to. It allows us to know the latest business-related researches, helping us to solve the different problems we approach.

In the following list we can notice some of the projects our team has participated in:

Knowledge Transfer Contracts

  • Data analysis of Las Palmerillas’ agricultural survey and new experiments planning.
  • Study of the internet risk management and applications.
  • Applying intelligent systems to plant genetics improvement.
  • Statistical counsel.
  • Collaboration agreement between UAL and Statistical Institute of Andalucía for different projects in 2003.
  • Device and equipment control in guarded environments.
  • Development of a predictive model for intracorneal rings implant and the impact study on the patient’s life quality.
  • Development of a specific radio modem to work on-line and sesor information capture.
  • Study of the entrepreneurial spirit among students in Andalucía.
  • Study of the agricultural technological activity on the Spanish East and interpretation of the results.
  • Implementing the Water Framework Directive of Andalucía’s river basins and their influence on human wellbeing.
  • Biometrical technological collaboration projects.
  • Circumstantial projects of the Statistical Institute of Andalucía inside of the statistic program of Andalucía.

Plan Avanza

  • IMAE: Mobile identity for electronic administration.

European Proyects

  • Analysis of Massive Data Streams (AMIDST).
  • Dynamic modelling of multi-species age-structured population system.
  • Investigation of frequency and density-dependent evolution in sexual and asexual populations.
  • Study and application of the qualitative and quantitative properties of dynamical systems.

National Programs (Plan Nacional I+D+i)

  • Adaptive learning of graphic models: academic counsel applications and web navigator customization.
  • Approximation and orthogonality: from theory to applications.
  • New algorithm design for probabilistic graphic models. Implementation in Elvira (MPGS-AL).
  • Experiment designs for non-linear models in experimental sciences and engineering.
  • Optimal design of experiments for non-lineal models with applications to biostatistics, environment, biokinetics, engineering, agricultural science and social sciences.
  • Elvira II: Probabilistic graphic models applications for agriculture.
  • Balance, monitoring and control of population models.
  • Determinant factors for physical practice and probabilistic relations between physical and health variables. Life style typologies of adult population.
  • Topological and functional analysis methods for computer science, fuzzy spaces and economy.
  • Data mining with probabilistic graphic models: new algorithms and applications.
  • Asymmetric and algebraic topology models in computer science, fuzzy mathematics and fuzzy systems.
  • New asymmetric and algebraic topology models and methods in computer science and fuzzy mathematics.
  • Timing of biological pest control by entomo-ecological simulation model.

Excellence Projects funded by the Andalusian Administration


  • Device, system and method for entry and output control in guarded facilities.
  • Reconstruction procedure for the corneal topography from altimetric or curvature data.
  • Remote biometric operations system.
  • System, apparatus and method for efficient multicast key distribution.
  • System for conducting remote biometrical operations.
  • Cipher and decipher unit for messages with digital information and cipher and decipher system and method for real-time digital communications.

Registered software

  • Safe hardware access to computer applications.
  • Ciphered storage system.

More projects

  • Hipertopologies and vicinities: Computer Science and image analysis applications.
  • Topology net and applications to computer science and economy.