Useful Information

  • Local Money

Local currency is Euro (€).

ATMs are at the airport, at the Campus and in the city.

It is possible to pay with credit card in most places in Spain (only buses require cash).

  • Local Weather

Located in the southeast of the peninsula, Almería is the Spanish province with the highest number of sunshine hours (circa 3000) and clear days (more than 300) per year. Almeria’s weather is subtropical, Mediterranean, mild and dry. Annual average temperature is close to 18ºC.

In September, temperatures in Almería are still warm with temperatures between 28ºC/20 ºC (day/night). Most days are sunny. Sunbathing and swimming is still possible in our wonderful pristine beaches.

Recommended light clothing.

  • Local food

Spain has recently been declared the healthiest country of the world by Bloomberg. Many circumstances justify this recognition, among them the Mediterranean Food and our style of life. Almería, in addition has been declared the Capital of Gastronomy in Spain year 2019, and that is a lot to say in Spain. We have also the good habit of offering visitors at the bars and terraces free small portions of local food when customers request a glass of wine or beer (not usually with soft drinks). They are the popular “tapas”. Having light dinners at the terraces of the many bars of the city is a common mode to spend the nights in Almería.

  • Electric Power

Spain has a 220-volt AC, 50Hz electrical current and uses two-pin continental plugs.

  • Safety tips

Spain ranks among the safest countries in the world, and Almería is one of the safest cities in Spain. Nonetheless, Police provides some tips. For instance, when using public transport, keep your handbag in front of you and use the front pockets of your clothes. Also, when withdrawing money from a cash point, be careful nobody is watching. Finally police recommends, always keeping an eye on your personal belongings even when checking-in at hotels.