Dr. Shyi-Dong Yeh

Chair Professor

Department of Plant Pathology

National Chung Hsing University



Chair Professor of Plant Pathology; Professor Yeh is a pioneer for the introduction of plant genetic engineering to solve agricultural problems in Taiwan. His outstanding accomplishments on the study of Papaya ringspot virus, including control by cross protection and transgenic approaches, have been featured in five cover articles of Plant Disease and Phytopathology. Through his guidance, national regulations and facilities for biosafety assessment of GM crops were established, providing a solid base in Taiwan for the transgenic studies on rice and other crops. His scientific honors include three times recipient of Outstanding Research Award from the NSC, National Scientific Award from MOE, Fellow of the American Phytopathology Society (elected in 2008) and Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (elected in 2008). He was responsible for a five-year project for Frontier Science Research from NSC (1998-2003) and a four-year Research Program for Promoting Academic Excellence of University from NSC (2004-2008). Prof. Yeh also served as the coordinator of the field of Plant Protection in the NSC, and co-chairman for the National Agricultural Biotechnology Program, responsible for plant biotechnology (2005-2008). He also served the Director of Agricultural and Marine Biotechnology Resources Center sponsored by MOE (2006-2009). Recently, he received the Executive Yuan Award for Outstanding Science and Technology Contribution (2016), the Ministry of Education for 19th National Professorships (2016) and elected as Academicians of Academia Sinica (2018).

Selected publications in recent five years:

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