Prof. Dr. Osvaldo Kiyoshi Yamanishi University of Brasília – Faculty of Agriculture – Laboratory of Pomology Brazil

Dr. Yamanishi received B.S. (Agronomy) degree from Federal University of Paraná, M.Sc.(Horticulture) from Kochi University,  PhD (Horticulture) from University of Ehime. Most of his works has been directed to develop read-to-use technologies for the papaya chain such as the implementation of Integrated Papaya Production to raise production standards and the asexual propagation of papaya through cuttings and grafting in the nursery to produce 100% hermaphrodite plants with superior traits. Other areas of papaya research include assessment of papaya rootstock for resistance to phytophthora root rot, dwarfness, and to increase vigor and yield in non-hybrid papaya.