VI International Symposium on Papaya

September 2021 Almería, SPAIN

Date: 25-29 September 2023

Venue: Campus of the University of Almería,
Almería, Spain.

Who is to attend: researchers, professors, students, technicians, consultants, nurserymen, stakeholders and growers, and all those interested in papaya cultivation.

Scheduled Program:

  • 3 meeting days (oral sessions and poster sessions)
  • 1 day of technical tour. Papaya orchards. Greenhouse cultivation of papaya, nurseries, packing facilities, coops.
  • 1 day of cultural tour. Visit to the beautiful city of Granada. Palaces of Alhambra and Carlos V. Generalife gardens (optional).

Languages: Spanish and English with simultaneous translation.

Registration: Fee-charged

Proceeding: Full participants at an ISHS symposium are to receive a copy of the Acta Horticulturae volume as part of their registration fee.


Topics of discussion:

  • Marketing. Commercialization. Papaya in the world. Future Trends.
  • Botany and Uses. Germplasm. Plant Material. Breeding.
  • Propagation. Sex molecular markers. In vitro multiplication.
  • Orchard design. Orchard density.
  • Plant Physiology. Abiotic Stresses. Plant Growth Regulators.
  • Cultivation Techniques. Nutrition. Irrigation. Bagging. Thinning and other Cultivation Techniques. Protected cultivation.
  • Harvest and postharvest. Handling. Fruit Processing. Alternative Products.
  • Crop Protection. Pests, diseases and physiopathies of Carica papaya
  • New Research on Papaya and related species.