The Two Best Ways to Pack a Bowl

Guillermo Aguirre Martínez 11 marzo, 2021

The Two Best Ways to Pack a Bowl

How to Pack a Bowl Correctly

We can discuss volume, airflow, and flame-angle, but at the end of the day, there are two right ways to prepare a bowl. Throughout this article, we’ll talk about these two methods and provide benefits and disadvantages to both. But first, what happens when a bowl’s packed incorrectly?

Did You Pack Your Bowl Correctly?

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of casually tossing an entire nug into a bowl and trying to light it up. It doesn’t tend to go well. Even if seemingly packed correctly, the experience is something akin to smoking a rock covered in moss. The outside – while green and vibrant – is burned away to expose a useless core. Let’s not forget to mention the butane flavor from the flames cresting around the sides of the nug; that’s gross. Using hemp wick helps avoid the unwelcome BIC flavor, as well as reducing the lungs’ intake of butane. Long story short, don’t thrown a full nug into your bowl and expect much to happen.

What You Need to Pack a Bowl

To pack the perfect bong bowl you’ll need all the right tools. These are probably the things you usually use but we’ll run down a short list to make sure.

1. Cannabis. The weed you have should be properly dried and ready to be ground without being too sticky.

2. Grinder. Choose a weed grinder that has medium-sized holes that wont provide too fine of a grind.

3. Pipe or Bong with a bowl. A fourteen millimeter bowl is the typical size but larger bowls exist with bigger capacity.

4. Hemp wick or lighter. A standard lighter will work but if you want to cut down out the butane flavor from your smoke sesh then using a hemp wick will taste fresh.

Here’s How to Load a Bowl

Hand-packing is the oldest method, involving breaking up some bud with two fingers against the palm (or preferably on a clean surface), and was the standard practice before grinders. The argument to hand packing is the bud breaks up enough to neatly pack into a bowl while preventing the compromise of the nug’s potency. A grinder is not exactly a gentle tool – that’s why they have kief screens, so it can reclaim all that kief – those trichomes being knocked off in the grinding process. Breaking nugs up by hand in as few motions as possible preserves all those trichomes in order taste and feel the full power of the flowers.

breaking up vs. grinding weed

Step 1: Grind Your Weed

While hand packing is a useful technique, using a grinder provides other benefits. When grinding flowers, the surface area increases, meaning more of that flower can fit into a bowl or a vape chamber. Having maximum surface area is the key to getting a big hit because the heat source can come into contact with as much of the bud as possible. That’s why it’s wise to use a grinder when loading bowls for a vaporizer or to share hits in a larger pipe.

Here is how to load a bong bowl and get a great smoke every time. Load the grinder with a big nug by breaking the nug into two or three smaller pieces and pushing it into the grinder teeth. Close the grinder and give it several turns in both directions until it provides little to now resistance. The finer grind, the lighter the bowl pack. Pushing down too much on finely ground weed will lead to a clogged bowl that may need to be dumped out and reloaded.

Step 2: Load the Bowl

Packing takes practice, manual dexterity – and some may say it’s for purists –but the quality of flavor is supreme. After breaking the bud up by hand, it’s time to do the packing. Throw one of the more significant bits in the bottom to act as a screen, layer the rest on top, and then gently push down on the entire bowl. Using a light touch is critical to success when packing a bowl like this.

Something that will make a difference in all of this is what type of bowl you are using and if the bowl has a screen or a built-in filter. These types of bowl setups will have better airflow and can burn through a tightly packed bowl with ease. Keep this in mind when using a filtered bowl and feel free to pack it more densely regardless of your grinding method.


How to Use a Pipe: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

A lot of users’ first time with weed involves a pipe. They’re so easy to use, small and discreet, and generally inexpensive, pipes make sense as the go-to for stoners. You may still be learning how to use a pipe, though, so we want to offer some friendly advice in this guide.

How to Use a Pipe: 5 Easy Steps

1. Choose the Right Pipe

Of course, cannabis pipes come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and more. Arguably, pipes are the most popular pieces for cannabis and tobacco alike. These are the best best marijuana pipes.

Each pipe is going to hit differently, though. Find out what pieces you like smoking out of. 

What feels smoothest when you hit it? Pay attention to the material and size of the pipe — as well as how easy it looks to clean.

2. Grind Up Your Weed

Next up as you learn how to use a pipe, grind up the bud you want to smoke. Many users grind up multiple bowls’ worth at a time. This way, they don’t have to use their grinder every time they want to load a new bowl.
Cannabis Pipes

3. Pack Your Bowl Lightly

This is up to preference, but we recommend you pack your bowl lightly. Some users like to pack it full to the brim, and that’s just as valid. We just provide the steps so you can learn how to use a pipe to your own tastes.

However, don’t pack it so much that you clog the airway. Overpacking leads to a bowl that’s hard to hit and just not as enjoyable to smoke.

4. Cover the Pipe’s Carb

We’ll preface this with the fact that some pipes may not have a carb. This is the small hole, usually on the side or front of your pipe, that you cover when you start your hit.

5. Light Up and Enjoy

Generally, you’ll use a standard lighter to light up your bowl. Whatever heating element you decide on, it’s time to enjoy your freshly packed pipe! 

Stop covering the carb once you’re ready to inhale and appreciate a job well done.

How to Use a Cannabis Pipes

Pro-Tip: Hitting the Corner

Everyone starts somewhere, so we want to give you some helpful, friendly advice. Don’t torch the whole bowl. Try to hit a corner of the bowl. 

If you’re smoking in a group, that’ll leave fresh greens for the person next in rotation. 

Smoking by yourself? You’re still getting more fresh hits when you start on the corner. It’s a better-tasting experience when you hit the corner of a bowl to start it off right.

Cornering a bowl is considered proper cannabis etiquette in a lot of circles. After all, no one likes getting handed an ashy bowl. 

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