Prof. Dr. Ignacio Fernández de las Nieves

Ignacio Fernández

2003, PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Almería (advisor Fernando Lopez Ortiz).
2004-2007, Postdoc at the ETH Zürich (advisor Paul S. Pregosin)
2006-2011, Ramon y Cajal Associate Researcher
2007, Postdoc at Cornell University (advisor Paul J. Chirik)
2008-2015, Director of the NMR Facility at the University of Almería
2010, National I3 award for outstanding research career received from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Spain
2010, Visiting Professor at Karlsruhe institute of technology (advisor Frank Breher)
2011, Tenured Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad) at the University of Almería
2011-2015, Director of the Scientific Instrumentation Facilities at the University of Almería
2012, Full Associate Researcher – Bioprocesses and Chemical Devices Section, Research Centre on Mediterranean Intensive Agrosystems and Agrifood Biotechnology (CIAIMBITAL)
2014, Independent Research Group
2018, Full Professor (Catedrático de Universidad) at the University of Almería

Research interests:  Transition metal chemistry, Mechanisms and interactions, NMR methodology, Diffusion NMR, Metabolomics, Sensors.
Research ID: B-3833-2013
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8355-580X
Scopus: 71016115735
Dialnet: 4137979