Dr. Luis Manuel Aguilera Sáez


2011, BSc in Chemistry
2012, Master in Advanced Applied Chemistry
2016, PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Bari

Research interests:  NMR methodology, Mutivariate analysis, Metabolomics
I graduated in Chemistry. I attended an Erasmus exchange program in the University of Florence (Italy) for 9 months. I also obtained a collaboration scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science to collaborate with the research group of coordination chemistry, organometallic and photochemical in the University of Almería. In 2012, I got my Master (M.Sc.) in Applied Advanced Chemistry in the same university. In 2013, I started my PhD research based on metabolomics studies of agro-food products derived from grapevines in the Technical University of Bari (Italy) thanks to a “Fondo Giovani” Scholarship offered by the same University. During my PhD, I carried out a 6-months research period in the University of Leiden (Netherlands) under the supervision of Prof. Young Hae Choi. I finished my PhD in may 2016. Its title was "Metabolomics in viticulture: a combined NMR and MS study of grapes, leaves and wines". After my PhD, I started a pos-doc position in the University of Almeria in the group of Prof. Ignacio Fernandez in the metabolomics field.