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Kratsch J, Kuzdrowska M, Schmid M, Kazeminejad N, Kaub C, Oña-Burgos P, Guillaume SM, Roesky PW.  2013.  Chiral Rare Earth Borohydride Complexes Supported by Amidinate Ligands: Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Activity in the Ring-Opening Polymerization of rac-Lactide. Organometallics. 32:1230-1238.
Greb L, Tussing S, Schirmer B, Oña-Burgos P, Kaupmees K, Lokov M, Leito I, Grimme S, Paradies J.  2013.  Electronic effects of triarylphosphines in metal-free hydrogen activation: a kinetic and computational study. Chem. Sci.. 4:2788-2796.
Loble MW, Oña-Burgos P, Fernandez I, Apostolidis C, Morgenstern A, Walter O, Bruchertseifer F, Kaden P, Vitova T, Rothe J et al..  2013.  Exploring the solution behavior of f-element coordination compounds: a case study on some trivalent rare earth and plutonium complexes. Chem. Sci.. 4:3717-3724.
Styra S, González-Gallardo S, Armbruster F, Oña-Burgos P, Moos E, Vonderach M, Weis P, Hampe O, Grün A, Schmitt Y et al..  2013.  Heterobimetallic Cuprates Consisting of a Redox-Switchable, Silicon-Based Metalloligand: Synthesis, Structures, and Electronic Properties. Chemistry – A European Journal. 19:8436–8446.
Armbruster F, Augenstein T, Oña-Burgos P, Breher F.  2013.  Homoleptic Tetrakis(silyl) Complexes of Pd0 and Pt0 Featuring Metal-Centred Heterocubane Structures: Evidence for the Existence of the Corresponding Mononuclear PdI and PtI Complexes. Chemistry – A European Journal. 19:17899–17906.
Casimiro M, Oña-Burgos P, Meyer J, Styra S, Kuzu I, Breher F, Fernandez I.  2013.  On the Solution Behaviour of Benzyllithium⋅(−)-Sparteine Adducts and Related Lithium Organyls – A Case Study on Applying 7Li,15N{1H} HMQC and Further NMR Methods, Including Some Investigation into Asymmetric Synthesis. Chemistry – A European Journal. 19:691–701.