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Arrabal-Campos FM, Aguilera-Sáez LM, Fernandez I.  2019.  Algebraic Reconstruction Technique for Diffusion NMR Experiments. Application to the Molecular Weight Prediction of Polymers. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 123:943-950.
Arrabal-Campos FM, Aguilera-Sáez LM, Fernandez I.  2019.  A diffusion NMR method for the prediction of the weight-average molecular weight of globular proteins in aqueous media of different viscosities. Anal. Methods. 11:142-147.
Abreu ACristina, Marín P, Aguilera-Saez LManuel, Tristán AIsabel, Peña A, Oliveira I, Simões M, Valera D, Fernandez I.  2019.  Effect of a Shading Mesh on the Metabolic, Nutritional, and Defense Profiles of Harvested Greenhouse-Grown Organic Tomato Fruits and Leaves Revealed by NMR Metabolomics. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. :null.
Ruiz C, García-Valdivia AA, Fernández B, Cepeda J, Oyarzabal I, Abas E, Laguna M, García JÁngel, Fernandez I, San Sebastian E et al..  2019.  Multifunctional coordination compounds based on lanthanide ions and 5-bromonicotinic acid: magnetic{,} luminescence and anti-cancer properties. CrystEngComm. 21:3881-3890.
Aguilera-Saez LManuel, Abreu ACristina, Camacho-Rodríguez J, González-López CVictoria, Cerón-García Mdel Carmen, Fernandez I.  2019.  NMR Metabolomics as an Effective Tool To Unravel the Effect of Light Intensity and Temperature on the Composition of the Marine Microalgae Isochrysis galbana. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 67:3879-3889.
Abreu ACristina, Molina-Miras A, Aguilera-Sáez LM, López-Rosales L, Cerón-García Mdel Carmen, Sánchez-Mirón A, Olmo-García L, Carrasco-Pancorbo A, García-Camacho F, Molina-Grima E et al..  2019.  Production of Amphidinols and Other Bioproducts of Interest by the Marine Microalga Amphidinium carterae Unraveled by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomics Approach Coupled to Multivariate Data Analysis. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 67:9667-9682.
Díaz-de-Cerio E, Aguilera-Saez LManuel, Gómez-Caravaca AMaría, Verardo V, Fernández-Gutiérrez A, Fernandez I, Arráez-Román D.  2018.  Characterization of bioactive compounds of Annona cherimola L. leaves using a combined approach based on HPLC-ESI-TOF-MS and NMR. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 410:3607–3619.
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Raya-Barón Á, Oña-Burgos P, Rodríguez-Diéguez A, Fernandez I.  2018.  Hydrosilylation of Carbonyl Compounds Catalyzed through a Lithiated Hydrazone Derivative. Organometallics. 37:2682-2689.
Fernández B, Fernandez I, Cepeda J, Medina-O’Donnell M, Rufino-Palomares EE, Raya-Barón Á, Gómez-Ruiz S, Pérez-Jiménez A, Lupiáñez JAntonio, Reyes-Zurita FJ et al..  2018.  Modulating Anticancer Potential by Modifying the Structural Properties of a Family of Zinc Metal–Organic Chains Based on 4-Nitro-1H-pyrazole. Crystal Growth & Design. 18:969-978.
Raya-Barón Á, Galdeano-Ruano CP, Oña-Burgos P, Rodríguez-Diéguez A, Langer R, Lopez-Ruiz R, Romero-Gonzalez R, Kuzu I, Fernandez I.  2018.  A new anthraquinoid ligand for the iron-catalyzed hydrosilylation of carbonyl compounds at room temperature: new insights and kinetics. Dalton Trans.. :-.
Abreu ACristina, Aguilera-Saez LManuel, Peña A, García-Valverde M, Marín P, Valera DL, Fernandez I.  2018.  NMR-Based Metabolomics Approach To Study the Influence of Different Conditions of Water Irrigation and Greenhouse Ventilation on Zucchini Crops. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 66:8422-8432.
Aguilera-Saez LManuel, Belmonte-Sanchez JRaul, Romero-Gonzalez R, Vidal JLuis Marti, Arrebola FJavier, Frenich AGarrido, Fernandez I.  2018.  Pushing the frontiers: boron-11 NMR as a method for quantitative boron analysis and its application to determine boric acid in commercial biocides. Analyst. :-.
Bauer M, Premužić D, Thiele G, Neumüller B, Tonner R, Raya-Barón Á, Fernandez I, Kuzu I.  2016.  Advanced NMR Methods and DFT Calculations on the Regioselective Deprotonation and Functionalization of 1,1′-Methylenebis(3-methylimidazole-2-thione). European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2016:3756–3766.
Münzer JE, Oña-Burgos P, Arrabal-Campos FM, Neumüller B, Tonner R, Fernandez I, Kuzu I.  2016.  Difluoroborenium Cation Stabilized by Hexaphenyl-Carbodiphosphorane: A Concise Study on the Molecular and Electronic Structure of [(Ph3P)2C⇉BF2][BF4]. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2016:3852–3858.
Raya-Barón Á, Ortuño MA, Oña-Burgos P, Rodríguez-Diéguez A, Langer R, Cramer CJ, Kuzu I, Fernandez I.  2016.  Efficient Hydrosilylation of Acetophenone with a New Anthraquinonic Amide-Based Iron Precatalyst. Organometallics. 35:4083-4089.
lvarez JMÁ, Raya-Barón Á, Nieto PM, Cuca LE, Carrasco-Pancorbo A, Fernández-Gutiérrez A, Fernandez I.  2016.  Flavonoid glycosides from Persea caerulea. Unraveling their interactions with SDS-micelles through matrix-assisted DOSY, PGSE, mass spectrometry, and NOESY. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry. 54:718–728.
Arrabal-Campos FM, Oña-Burgos P, Fernandez I.  2016.  Molecular weight prediction with no dependence on solvent viscosity. A quantitative pulse field gradient diffusion NMR approach. Polym. Chem.. 7:4326-4329.