Prof. Dr. Ignacio Fernández de las Nieves

Ignacio Fernández

2003, PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Almería (advisor Fernando Lopez Ortiz).
2004-2007, Postdoc at the ETH Zürich (advisor Paul S. Pregosin)
2006-2011, Ramon y Cajal Associate Researcher
2007, Postdoc at Cornell University (advisor Paul J. Chirik)
2008-2015, Director of the NMR Facility at the University of Almería
2010, National I3 award for outstanding research career received from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Spain
2010, Visiting Professor at Karlsruhe institute of technology (advisor Frank Breher)
2011, Tenured Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad) at the University of Almería

2011-2015, Director of the Scientific Instrumentation Facilities at the University of Almería
2012, Full Associate Researcher – Bioprocesses and Chemical Devices Section, Research Centre on Mediterranean Intensive Agrosystems and Agrifood Biotechnology (CIAIMBITAL)
2013, Independent Research Group

Research interests:  Transition metal chemistry, Mechanistic insights, NMR methodology, Metabolomics, Sensors.
Research ID: B-3833-2013
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8355-580X

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Dr. Pascual Oña Burgos

Dr. Cristinel Popovici

Ing. Francisco Manuel Arrabal Campos


2010, BSc in Industrial Engineering
2012, Master in Industrial Engineering (Computing Software)

Research interests:  NMR methodology, multiobjective functions, sensor devices.

Ldo. Álvaro Raya Barón


2012, Bachelor Science Chemistry at the University of Almería

2013, Master's degree Sustainable Chemistry at Universitat Jaume I


Research interests: Complexation chemistry, Transition metal catalysis.

Ldo. Ana Belén Ruíz Muelle

Dr. Rafael J. Contreras Cáceres

Dr. Luis Manuel Aguilera Sáez


2011, BSc in Chemistry
2012, Master in Advanced Applied Chemistry
2016, PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Bari

Research interests:  NMR methodology, Mutivariate analysis, Metabolomics
I graduated in Chemistry. I attended an Erasmus exchange program in the University of Florence (Italy) for 9 months. I also obtained a collaboration scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science to collaborate with the research group of coordination chemistry, organometallic and photochemical in the University of Almería. In 2012, I got my Master (M.Sc.) in Applied Advanced Chemistry in the same university. In 2013, I started my PhD research based on metabolomics studies of agro-food products derived from grapevines in the Technical University of Bari (Italy) thanks to a “Fondo Giovani” Scholarship offered by the same University. During my PhD, I carried out a 6-months research period in the University of Leiden (Netherlands) under the supervision of Prof. Young Hae Choi. I finished my PhD in may 2016. Its title was "Metabolomics in viticulture: a combined NMR and MS study of grapes, leaves and wines". After my PhD, I started a pos-doc position in the University of Almeria in the group of Prof. Ignacio Fernandez in the metabolomics field.

Dr. Ana Abreu


2010, BSc in Bioengineering at university of Porto
2013, Master in Biological Engineering at university of Porto
2015, Two years in the Institute of Biology of Leiden (Netherlands)
2016, Guest researcher at Erasmus Medical Center (Rotterdam)
2017, PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering

Research interests:  NMR methodology, NMR metabolomics

I was graduated in Bioengineering and did a master in Biological Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). I did my PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering also at FEUP in collaboration with the Institute of Biology of Leiden (IBL) in Netherlands, where I spent two years. During this time, I was also a guest researcher at Erasmus Medical Center (in Rotterdam). My reseach and collaborative projects resulted in 18 publications in peer reviewed journals and two book chapters, focusing on antibiotic-resistant bacteria, biofilm control, desinfection, plant defense systems and NMR metabolomics. " After my PhD I joined the group of Prof. Ignacio Fernández as posdoctoral researcher, where I am starting to develop new lines in metabolomics, all of them in close relation with agricultural issues.


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